Lord Sugar would be Proud!

Last Thursday, the School’s PTA ran its Christmas Bizarre.
Along with many stalls, tom-bolas and raffles, our Year 5/6 children ran their own stalls to raise money for the school. Each group was given a budget of £12 and had to work together to create and promote a product or service that they could sell at the Bizarre with the aim of making a profit.
Mr Warren said :

All the children were enthusiastic, worked really well together and each made a great contribution to the project. It really highlighted how resourceful our children can be.

Many thanks to both Miss Hodgson, Mrs McVeigh and Mrs Wareham for facilitating the fabulous activity.










Charity Day

Many children planned activities to raise money for their chosen charity.

It was a huge success, with all children enjoying the activities over playtime and helping to raise over £160 for charity. Thank you to all those involved including our parents and Mrs Hodgson for organising this event.

20140801-121745 pm-44265044.jpg

20140801-121747 pm-44267920.jpg

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Netball News

Our newly established netball team has been working hard this term with Mrs Peckham as part of an after-school club.

Today the team played their very first match with Lockerley Primary. They had a magnificent win and played really well as a team. Our team won by a superb 17-1!

Their next match is coming up in two weeks time against Broughton Primary.

Congratulations to you all! We are so proud of you !